Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day One: 2011 Magic Elf Countdown

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We weren't expecting to have the grand kids last night, but they arrived at our house with elves in hand. My oldest grand son (eight years old) even brought a bed for his elf made from a folded quilt wrapped in a blanket.

Those darn elves had quite a bit of mischief up their sleeves last night. Giggles and Dimples snuck downstairs and got into all the Wii equipment including my work out stuff. They opened a bottle of sparkling juice, found candy suckers, got into the snack cupboard, opened Cheez-its and put reindeer ears on Mr. Gingerbread Boy.

Freckles (who is the twin to Dimples and belongs to my 3 year old grand son) was the most mischievous. I folded clothes earlier in the evening and left them on the kitchen island upstairs. Can you believe that Freckles unfolded underwear and put bras on various nutcrackers? My six foot nutcracker was wearing NeeNee's bra with Poppy's underwear as a hat. Crazy!

So, what kind of Wii game were the elves playing? It appeared to be a sword fighting game. Of course, the kids wanted to play the game this morning before heading off to church.

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