Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Quilts: A Christmas to Remember

It was a wonderful Christmas. The time and energy put into making it joyous for those I love was fulfilled. Pictured above is my 81-year old mother with a quilt. Before my grandma passed away, she gifted me with many quilt tops assembled throughout her lifetime. I promised her I would one day have them made into quilts. This was the year!

I gifted a quilt to my sister, daughter, mom and myself.

My mom reading my letter about the gifted quilt.

My Daddy passed away from cancer 3 years ago. My Mom misses the love of her life (56 years of marriage). This Christmas I wanted to give Mom something from my Dad. He loved eagles and collected all things pertaining to them. I gifted my Mom with an eagle lap quilt to cuddle under. It's a reminder my Dad is always near even though he is no longer with us.

The poem in the card my Mom is reading (above) was written as though in first person from my Dad. My iPhone played a song he dearly loved. The tears in my Mom's eyes were the best gift ever. She slept with the eagle quilt last night. I hope it brings her some measure of comfort as she snuggles beneath it next year.

My Mom and me, Christmas 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures will be a treasure for you Denise. What a wonderful creative idea! Grandma Lobbs would be so pleased that you took the time to finish them. Also, I will cherish my eagle quilt as long as I live. The letter from Dad was so touching. I could almost feel him there when I read it.