Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Reflections on 2011

Perhaps it's my age or the hectic pace of running a business but this year passed in record time. As snow is falling outside my office window, I'm reminded of the four season cycle. In Michigan, we experience all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This week marked the end to the longest day of the year. Days will begin to be longer and nights shorter. More daylight and sunshine is welcomed in the Midwest. As I celebrate this change in Winter Solstice, I reflect on how the 2011 seasons applied to my life.

Spring was a reflection on growth and a renewal of hope, a reminder that planted roots can grow and mature to accomplish set goals. The yield received is based on how well the soil is cultivated for growth.

Summer was a time to face challenge. Whatever did not grow in the Spring was assessed and changed to promote future growth. Some of my ideas did not survive. That's OK, because Fall was a time of reflection. I consider it the "Golden Season". It's a time when ideas are ready to harvest and I reflect on whether business or personal goals were achieved.

And then along comes Winter. For me, it's a time of death. A time to let go of those things that did not work, resurrect ideas and reinvent a new business plan.

As 2012 approaches, I am re-evaluating both business and personal goals. I hope you do the same. It's impossible to grow if not reflecting on where you are and where you want to be. Life is full of change. But change often brings growth.

My New Year wish for those reading this post: Be true to yourself; don't compare yourself to others in the business.

As you work to grow your business and see others succeed in the upcoming year (while you are not)... HANG IN THERE! Understand the dynamics of the Cycle of the Seasons. It takes time to develop a business. Heck, it takes time to evolve into the person we hope to become. It's about pointing yourself in the right direction, surrounding yourself with good mentors and focusing your sights on desired goals. It may not be easy, but success is never easy. It's a work in progress.

I hope 2012 brings that "Ah-Ha" moment to you. The moment when you say, "Yes, all that hard work paid off".

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