Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Packaging for under 30 cents!

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Ok... it might be a bit more if you don't have the rubber stamps, but once purchased, they can be used over and over again.

My daughter stopped by this morning on her way to work (for her usual morning coffee). She plopped a box of gooey putty containers on the counter and asked if I would wrap each one for my grand daughter's kindergarten Christmas party. How could I say no?

I struggled with how to wrap 25 containers. I didn't want to labor over something that cost so little, but wanted my grand daughter to be proud of the presentation. And then, like a vision in the night, it came to me (I just had to say that!) I remembered the white tissue paper in the warehouse. Small gift tags had just arrived (which we will be selling soon at GoPlanet), cotton twine and a drawer full of rubber stamps. It was everything needed to package a 50 cent gift.

I printed clear labels: From: Olivia and applied to each small  gift tag (the label was angled to fit the tag). White tissue paper sheets were cut into thirds. Holiday word stamps were used in red and green colors (FYI: GoPlanet's liquid gel colors can be used to ink rubber stamp pads).

Each gift was wrapped in tissue and tied with cotton twine (gift tag attached). To add color, a snippet of grosgrain ribbon was used. A recycled Kraft bag was stamped with Christmas merriment to cart the goods to the classroom.

As I looked at this simplistic packaging, I realized how this could be used to wrap soap for gifting. Of course, if using melt and pour soap, you will need to wrap the soap in shrink or stretch wrap before encasing in the tissue paper. What an inexpensive way to present your holiday soaps. 

I suggest cutting and stamping the tissue sheets beforehand if doing craft shows. Wrap purchased soap in tissue and dress with ribbon and gift tag.

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