Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Elves Arrive: December 10, 2011

The grand kids phoned this morning about the arrival of the Magic Elves. They received a letter from Santa the day prior confirming the elves's arrival date and could barely sleep in anticipation.

The elf sleigh landed in the driveway and those silly elves put on their ice skates and skated around the yard. Miss O was delighted the elves didn't have a crash landing this year. Last Christmas the elves parachuted in from the North Pole due to a navigational sleigh mishap.

Miss O and Fischer threw on their coats and ran outside to see if the elves had indeed arrived.

The elf passports and naughty/nice mailboxes were in the sleigh. Tonight the kids have an overnight with us (NeeNee and Poppy). I'm still up waiting for them to fall into a sound sleep to do my elf magic. My eight year old grand son has already been up once to use the bathroom and almost caught me in the act. WARNING: This elf mischief can cause sleep deprivation. The kids get so excited to catch the elves misbehaving that they barely sleep.

I'll post pics in the morning of the elves mischief tonight. I'm doing laundry and those darn elves have decked my big nutcrackers in bras and underwear. They are also playing Wii and having snacks. Stay tuned.

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